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Our network and community is the greatest resource of all

51 Vets has built a unique networking infrastructure to help you succeed through your transition to the private sector. With over 150+ members in various stages of transition, Mentors, and Board Advisors in various industries, we can provide you with crtitical resources. 

Our network of supporters is growing every day as more industry professionals volunteer their time and talent. You have proven that you can meet and exceed expectations in your military career through service in elite units. Why would this be any different?

Please request the application through the 51 Vets Member that recommends you join the organization and provide us with your most up-to-date personal information. Your information will only be shared with our Board and Staff through secure means: it will not be distributed elsewhere without your express consent. After reviewing your application, one of our team members will contact you for a short interview and to gather any additional information to best support you if admitted as a Member. 

There is no need to recreate the wheel: we are here to help share how many of our members have successfully transitioned to the private sector, leading the way for you to your desired career path. r


These are some macro level stats of the nonprofit and where we want to go moving forward. Our goal is to expand the community as fast as we can grow it to represent us in various industries. This will provide that foothold in the various sectors of the business world to provide future opportunities for others. Be a part of this trend with us!

Current Members
Active Duty members separating in 12 months
Current or Graduated MBAs
51 Vets Facilitated Transitions to the Private Sector
Other Resources Available

Train the Streets Partnership

51 Vets has partnered with Training The Streets to provide members a great resource of self study course to ensure you pass the any technical portion of an interview with flying colors. Our members receive the course at an extremely reduced rate.

Stay tuned for more resources through social media

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