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These articles are designed to give you more perspective on the type of people you might be employing. Many firms talk about the intangibles that they look for in candidates and this type of media will enhance that notion. We have broken down articles by specific units to help further understand the type of character you could potentially be bringing into your firm. 

US Army Special Forces, aka “Green Berets” 
“On any given day, they may throw on a Brooks Brothers suit and brief an Ambassador on cutting-edge policy issues from Iraq’s front lines. They might go out on a lethal kill-or-capture mission in up-armored Humvees in the dead of night and wipe out a nest of insurgents who never saw them coming. They might be training an indigenous force in Syria to fight ISIS and do so entirely in Arabic. They might travel many days through the jungle to neutralize a high-value target with a single sniper shot.” 
From the Legion Fund Website

The article below describes how Green Berets impact the world after their service. Our stories are unique, and we are certainly not a monolith of thought as a regiment. The Examiner does a great job of showing off the “Jack of all trades” mentality most Green Berets exhibit and the various environments they are drawn to. 

Washington Examiner – 19 May 2022   

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